Aaron Schmidt – again ;-)

Remember Aaron? Did you get to see his tattoos? No? We did… and now you can!

Aaron’s tattoo’s became the inspiration for a new and exciting video-channel on You Tube: The Kinky Librarian. Karen Bertrams famous for her work at ProBiblio has a gift. She can be very convincing! Within a couple of seconds she talked Aaron out of his shirt. We promise you, he will not be the only one… We are always on the lookout for librarians with a speciality. No we are not thinking of page-markercollectors. It must be something you wouldn’t expect a librarian to do.

So who’s next? Suggestions, applications, offerings and requests in the comments.


2 Responses to “Aaron Schmidt – again ;-)”

  1. 1 biebbabs
    juni 5, 2008 om 2:20 pm

    Een mooie man heeft zijn shirt uit getrokken naast mijn bureau en ik was er niet!!! Very big bummer :o(

  2. juni 12, 2008 om 11:08 am

    Weergaloos! De interviewster en de librarian………

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